Ways To Help

Let's Working Together

Ways To Help

We really can accomplish anything by working together for the good of Kendale and our children.

Therefore are proposal is that you volunteer at least 1 day a year, whether is a small activity in your child’s classroom or a big carnival or sports event, your time is greatly appreciated. This Parent/guardian involvement would mean the world to your child and it makes a difference to the KPTA cause. Kendale Elementary prides itself in having great Parent/guardian involvement.

There are many events during the year, and we have from dads, moms and grandparents helping in different occasions. Including all the precious hours served in their child’s classroom we also appreciate the help on all the fundraisers that happen throughout the year. Whether is on the grill during a picnic or supervising a carnival or sports event or even helping in the school books fairs your time is greatly appreciated.

Other ways to help is through our fundraising, we realize that most of our Kendale families are very busy so we have different options to fundraise and donations to support our efforts in this 2014-2015 school years. Please look in to joining the KPTA efforts.

Business Sponsorships

Do you know of a business that would like to sponsor KPTA? Maybe you or your spouse’s company is looking for a way to help out in the community? KPTA has sponsorship levels that allow businesses to invest in Kendale and demonstrate its commitment to improving the life and education of every child at Kendale Elementary.

Sponsorship monies will be spent on educational enrichment, field trips, school supplies, annual fall and spring community events, etc.

The KPTA is a non-profit organization and donations are tax-deductible as allowed by the law. Remember, the earlier you become a corporate sponsor, the more exposure your company will have to our school community!